A Spark
is all it Takes

SparkLand helps you to exchange ideas fast, invite anyone to learn and build together.

What We Care

Individuals and groups can leverage SparkLand to spark-your-purpose, spark-your-creativity, and spark-your-innovation.

It is all about turn your spark into actions.

We make it simple and inviting, so that you can light up and team up on-the-go.

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Foster Idea Conversation

Finally, you can spark your idea on your phone! Have a on-going conversation with self or the group to gain feedback.

Learn & Adapt Fast

The only way from idea to value is through actions. We make it easy for you to learn, plan, and build collectively in different working zones called hubs.

Create Value Together

Discover and join idea campaigns and challenges in open communities. Earn your proof for your value creation.

Create Memorable Post

Make every discovery, insight, or idea memorable like a social post.
Enhance it with a great cover image or a 30-sec engaging video.
Everyone can like, comment, or ask.

Launch Purposeful Hub

Customize your hub to fit for your one objective at a time .
Invite your team to discuss, learn, or collaborate.

Thrive in Open Collaboration

Engage with open community by advocating a discussion, an idea campaign, or a challenge.
See how others can discover you & co-create together in a self-organizing way.
Build a collab profile you are proud of and increase your influence and credit by that.

Use Cases

It is all about turn your spark into actions.
Check-out a few hub categories below.

On SparkLand, creators, founders, and leaders can customize hubs to
foster great conversations, learn and build together.

Also, trainers, coaches, and incubators can interact with their cohorts for problem-solving training, career mentoring, and startup incubation.

Digital Creation
Lean Startup

Hubs - Get Best Ideas

Your Inspiration Journal

Inspiration can strike at any time!
You can create an inspiration hub to organize your inspiration posts.

Run Idea Campaign

Looking for bouncing idea collectively or crowdsource from your existing or open network? You can setup a brainstorming hub to co-create idea proposals inside.

Collective Research

Wanna deep dive a specific topic together? You can setup a research hub. Invite others to curate reading list, ask questions, and discuss together.

Hubs - Validate & Learn Quickly

Share with Stakeholders

Create a share or discussion hub to engage with your stakeholders: give them exclusive updates and gain critical feedbacks from them.

Consulting or Mentoring

Looking for career or solution advice from proven experts? You can join expert's discussion hub to have 1-on-1 conversation.

Plug to Learn Quickly

Super easy to create a coaching or training hub for your team or group with bite-size contents. Give them feedback on their questions and assignments.

Hubs - Create & Deliver Strongly

Time-box Challenge

Whether your challenge is for rapid prototyping, coding hackathon, creative proposal, or a critical milestone, you can setup a challenge hub to rally collaborators to create results in a time-box way.

Creative Production

When you need to collaborate with creative professionals, you can always create a creative hub to invite them on your creative production.

Your Project Hub

Wanna have a place for sprint or milestone planning? You can always use a classic project hub to self-track goals and assignment. Also check-in progress and results.

Our Happy Customer Said About Us

Don't take our word for it.

Agnes Lubbers


"I just love diverse talents we have in community. We gave feedback and help each other on next actions or networking. I love to meet new Spark Friend. "

Mark Chua

Social Entrepreneur

"This is my ideas home on the move. I was always struggling to get my creative thoughts organized. Now, I don't over-think, just create hubs and plan to work inside it."


Startup Founder

"We use hubs to track team ideas, customer feedbacks, and mentor advice. Our diverse team can all connect like an internal social media for knowledge-base. "

Spark Callenge

October 2020
"Fall Colors We Love"
Co-create Album

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