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SparkLand is an idea, knowledge & collaboration platform built for future creators, founders, and teams to run self-managing innovation, incubation, and co-creation.

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Accelerate Creativity, Learning, Innovation At Scale

SparkLand is built for Future of Work & Creation. You can tap into a suite of self-managing features to fit for your different launch journeys. You can fly solo or fly together.


Freelancers or creative teams can leverage SparkLand to build creative hubs to track conversations and results around assets, ideas, and projects.


Entrepreneurs or Incubators can leverage SparkLand to build entrepreneurial training hubs. Engage with internal or external leaders on goals & plans.


Technology and product teams can leverage SparkLand to setup self-managing hubs for research, brainstorming, and report milestones and showcase.

Journal Posts & Shorts
Increase Engagement & Feedback Loop

Imagine you and your team can journal research, learning, and ideas easy and fast like creating social posts instead of engaging with boring docs and crazy email chain. Wanna more creative? Express it with an engaging image or a short video. Keep it private or share with others to gain feedback and support quickly.

Incubate, Innovate, and Co-Create In Hubs

You can start your research and development journey within minutes. Invite others to join as members or players. With our built-in customization, policy templates, and workflow plugins, you can support flexible, dynamic, agile, and adaptive collaboration. Improve collective intelligence and team performance with self-managing, self-directing, and self-organizing working models.

Thrive In Future of Creation

Join our growing like-minded community to learn and networking. Discover exclusive contents, events, and open challenges. Passionate about tech & innovation & creation? You can also apply our ambassador program to run virtual learning hubs for your local community.

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Our Happy Customer Said About Us

Don't take our word for it.

Agnes Lubbers


"I just love diverse talents we have in community. We gave feedback and help each other on next actions or networking. I love to meet new Spark Friend. "

Mark Chua

Social Entrepreneur

"This is my ideas home on the move. I was always struggling to get my creative thoughts organized. Now, I don't over-think, just create hubs and plan to work inside it."


Startup Founder

"We use hubs to track team ideas, customer feedbacks, and mentor advice. Our diverse team can all connect like an internal social media for knowledge-base. "

Spark Talk Series (2021)

Discover more clips from our creators, innovators, and experts on Youtube Channel.

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