Our Vision

We are entering the world that influence and changes happen so fast that we get lost. The worst thing for us is we lost the hope of believing in ourselves. We are on the mission to empower individuals, groups, and firms to adapt - to learn, to dream, to build the future. Each of us can find our unique spark that matters for us and others. We are dreaming TheSparkOne Network would be a new network for us to share spark story, discover each other, work together, and create value we can thrive.

With this reflection, we started this journey back in 2018 and ask ourselves how we can do differently. SparkLand as mobile-first platform was born to challenge today's status quo, re-imagine in social, in collaboration, and also in economic aspect. On this creation journey, we are continue evolving to make choices around the topic "Spark". TheSparkOne's mission is to make idea conversation easy, build long term trust, and facilitate value creation.

The Team

Hui Huang

Founder & CEO, Architect


Co-Founder, Marketing


Co-Founder, Engineering


Bettina Szekany

UI/UX Design Lead, Partner

Wilson Fernandes

Platform Engineer, Partner

Spark+ Technologies

App Development

Contact us

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