1. What is creative operations?

1. What is creative operations?

Creative operations, also known as "creative workflow," is described as making a company's creative process more streamlined, allowing teams to brainstorm fast, increase productivity, and deliver creative work to drive business results.

At the first glance, the words "creative" and "operations" seem to be contradictory to each other. However, it is the necessary practice needed in a day-to-day business context. Imagine if your team was only focused on creativity. Chances are, you’d end up going down different rabbit holes. Without any healthy check or start to plan your work around purpose, goals, scope and timeline, you or your team may not deliver actual work.

Whether you run your market activities, design projects or innovative projects, creative operations management addresses all of these pain points and brings some much-needed structure to your team’s creative process. It makes your creative process more organized and measurable.

Overall, creative work is teamwork. Creative operation managers often take 4 responsibilities:

1. Define and drive collaborative processes for creative production.

2. Continuous improve people’s interactions with processes and technology

3. Improve creative project delivery speed and quality

4. Track metrics & KPIs around assets and projects

The essence of creative operation is not about project management, but being responsible for a company's creative engine to run smoothly and efficiently, talents feel productive and creative, and assets as outputs perform better for business.