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Capture ideas from anyone and develop innovation programs at scale.

Voice Of Customer Program

Today, customers expect more than transactional relationship. They can be engaged and nurtured within your VoC or Community Program. It is a win-win strategy. You can take an outside-in perspective to understand and act on customer feedback. This drives multi-effect feedback loop to gain customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Organization 2.0

Work is social now. Now, you can use SparkLand to build a connected culture that engages employees across organization silos. Instead of passing the buck, the new set of values emphasized respect for others, a team-based approach to service, and continuous improvement. Welcome organization 2.0.

Open Innovation

Ideas can come from anyone. Why not use SparkLand to crowdsource ideas or suggestions from your customer program, employee program, or partnership program? You can identify relevant areas to improve to make your audience loyal and happy.

Early Adopter Program

We're happy to share private demo and exclusive benefits for early adopters.

Platform - SparkLand

Light Up Sparks, Team Up On Creations. (2.0.1)

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