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Inspiration can strike anytime! Capture your discovery, insights, ideas, or thoughts anytime, anywhere.

Memorable post

Maximize your idea story with cover image or 30-sec short video.

Customizable hub

Organize posts in flexible sections. Pick list or card view.

Invite People

Invite people to join your private hub.

Suscribe as a member

Launch your live hub to attract members.

Request to team up

Launch your live hub to attract participants.

Hub Policy

Right controls for right engagement model.

Discover & connect

Make your discover people and hubs easy.

Lobby *

Allow hub host, members, and players to have group chat.

Become a Creative Hero

SparkLand allows you to manage idea collaboration to Create, Collaborate, and Drive Better!

Media - Product Demo Video

Narrator: Wondering how SparkLand works?

Narrator: You’re in the right place!

Narrator: SparkLand was designed to be a home for all your creative ideas.

Narrator: You can easily design and record your best intuitions in the form of a Spark Post.

Narrator: Spark Posts are effortless to create, and only need an inspiring text combined with a picture or video to back it up.

Narrator: Keep in mind though; the more authentic your spark posts, the more people will enjoy interacting and learning from them.

Narrator: But that’s not all! You can also share your spark posts with the world, and garner feedback...

Narrator: ...While simultaneously discovering Spark Posts from other creators on your personalized and purpose-driven Discover Feed.

Narrator: And, that brings us to our most exciting feature- Hubs

Narrator: Hubs are super-easy to create, and can always be built upon retrospectively, so don’t over-think it before creating one!

Narrator: You can either invite people to join your hub in order to champion your idea, or you can ask to join other hubs that you deem interesting.

Narrator: Our Hubs are a place where like-minded individuals can engage, collaborate, and co-create based on authentic and innovative ideas.

Narrator: Whether you’re looking to create an app, advocate an open discussion, or launch a new product...

Narrator: ...The right hub allows you to brainstorm goals & objectives, plan resources, conduct research, demo milestones and so much more.

Narrator: With SparkLand the possibilities are endless!

Narrator: Hubs also offer unparalleled multiple functionalities and customization- You can add, shuffle, enhance, or remove posts with incredible ease.

Narrator: You can even change the Hub Cover to attract an audience, and utilize the built-in sections to load plus manage content, in list view or card view.

Narrator: At SparkLand, we take your privacy very seriously, which is why you can choose for your hub to be private or open to the public in just 1-click, thanks to our offline and live mode.

Narrator: When you set up a hub, you can choose to stay solo, team up with players, or interact with members.

Narrator: As the host, you’re always in the driver’s seat when it comes to on-boarding participants!

Narrator: Remember, the sole purpose of the Hub is to ease collaboration.

Narrator: Whether you are a leader, creator, or a team of people; hubs make it simple to comment on posts, exchange feedback, and even engage via group chat.

Narrator: So there you have it, folks. Using SparkLand is that easy!

Narrator: Get on-board today and Spark your ideas to Life.

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