Product Features

Self-publish and manage your sparks and hubs anytime, anywhere.

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Zen & Beautiful Post

We design spark post both useful and beautiful in zen. Whether you like to journal in text, picture or video, we like to give you an effortless experience leveraging full power of mobile. You love to see how they pile up your posts in your "My Sparks".

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Multi-Functional Hub

We design the hub to serve multi-function purposes. We like this hub for you to work on value-added activities. You are able to manage posts inside the hub. Add them, enhance them, shuffle them, or remove them. Easy to work, pleasing to see.


Fly Solo / Invite Players / Host Members

When you set up a hub, you can choose to stay solo, team up with players, or engage with members. We make it easy for you to acquire and manage players or members. You can choose "invite-only", "ask-to-join", or "open-for-anyone". As hub creator or host, you can easily manage on-boarding journey.


Hub Visibility

You can manage your hub with live or offline mode. "live" means your hub is public for visitors to explore. "offline" means your hub is not discoverable from visitors. Instead, you can remain private either with yourself or with your invited players or members.


Discover Feed

Discover Feed allows anyone to explore and stay up to date what's happening inside TheSparkOne network. You can publish your spark post or go-live with your hub for others to see. You can also specify what kind of feedback you want, this helps community members to offer suggestions. For any contents or people that violate community rules, you can always report to the platform.

Others (Coming Soon!)

Our vision continue expands to provide trusted opportunties for our community. Stay tuned.

Early Adopter Program

We're happy to share private demo and exclusive benefits for early adopters.

Platform - SparkLand

Light Up Sparks, Team Up On Creations. (2.0.1)

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