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Our Principles

Here are 3 guiding principles for our product innovation journey.


We believe there are always multiple models, preferences, un-spoken contexts from the combination of the law, reality, and perception. We do not believe we can prescribe and come up with one-size-fits-for-all. We respect and embrace diversity.


Customers want a delightful digital experience. We strive to exceed their expectation besides ease-of-use. It is about helping them to get-things-done faster; it is about empowering them to understand their controls better; it is about making small wins to develop a healthy digital habit.


When there are more relationships and experiences coming to the digital universe, we believe it is critical to bring transparency and simplicity for any protocol that involves person, group, media, value, law, etc. We are learning from cross-domain thought leaders and practitioners to re-imagine the future.

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