Dear Team

A simple way to communicate and manage co-creation journey together.

Digital Co-Creation Studio

When you have a great idea for your next creation, or market solution, you can team-up with people at your hubs for different activities: tackle strategic challenge, brainstorm fresh perspectives, or collaborate on challenges or projects. Hub creator and players can self-manage their knowledge, goals, and results together.

Build Up Early Adopters

You can engage with your early adopters with educational contents or touchable prototypes. Invite them to give your feedback on your what matters or what works. Build up your early adopters to support your mission and vision.

Digital Badge (Coming Soon!)

You can issue digital badge to certify players's role, skills, and contribution for this co-creation journey. Your collaborators are happy to gain creditability for their dedication and accomplishment.

Early Adopter Program

We're happy to share private demo and exclusive benefits for early adopters.

Platform - SparkLand

Light Up Sparks, Team Up Creations. (2.0.1)

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